• Meet Qazi Shahroz Ul Haq

    Digital Marketer

    Welcome to my About Us page, where I introduce the driving force behind my expertise and services. Meet Qazi Shahroz Ul Haq, a seasoned professional with a robust academic background and extensive experience in the realm of digital marketing, particularly specializing in the UK’s energy industry.

  • Academic Excellence and Professional Experience


    With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the prestigious University of Dundee, Qazi Shahroz Ul Haq brings a unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic marketing insight to the table. His academic foundation provides a solid framework for understanding the intricacies of digital marketing, while his hands-on experience spanning over seven years has honed his skills to perfection.

    Academic Excellence and Professional Experience

  • Expertise in the UK Business Energy Sector

    Business Energy

    Qazi Shahroz Ul Haq’s journey in the digital marketing landscape has been marked by a deep immersion into the UK business energy sector. Over the course of six years, he has cultivated a profound understanding of the dynamics of the industry, particularly delving into the nuances of how brokers and sub-brokers operate within the UK energy landscape.

  • Professional Collaborations


    Having forged professional relationships with industry giants such as Online Direct, Love Energy Savings, and Energy Tariff, Qazi Shahroz Ul Haq has garnered invaluable insights and expertise that set him apart in the digital marketing sphere.

    Professional Collaborations

  • Freelance Dedication

    Monthly Leads Generation Service

    While his journey has taken him through various professional avenues, he now channels his wealth of knowledge and experience as a dedicated freelancer, offering tailored solutions to clients seeking to maximize their presence and profitability in the business energy sector.

  • Passion for Industry Insight


    Qazi Shahroz Ul Haq’s passion for the intricacies of the business energy industry is palpable, and he welcomes the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions and collaborations aimed at unlocking untapped potential and driving sustainable growth.

    Passion for Industry Insight

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